Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dixie Chicks Return to No. 1 on Charts - "Dixie Chicks Return to No. 1 on Charts"

Ha Ha Ha! Isn't this sweet! There is a good write up on this over here at Liberal Wacko. It is soooo good to know that views that differ from middle America's can still make it (but wait! haven't you seen the polls lately, this is the mainstream view). Obstensibly, it seemed as though they were going to be driven out of the market after daring to speak their minds on Mr. Bush's war, and now they are on the top of the charts with what I think can be called a protest album. This either speaks volumes about how middle America is waking up, or speaks volumes about how they are so out of touch with current events that they don't even know what the album or the Chicks are talking about. My favorite quote from the article I referenced above:

The Dixie Chicks appear to be more popular than the president these days. President Bush's approval rating has plummeted, but the Chicks are on top of the pop and country charts with their first album since publicly criticizing Bush three years ago.

And of course, Aljazeer got it right in this quote:

"There also might be a certain amount of support that may have been thrown their way by folks who are a little more liberal and that maybe never bought a country album in their lives but want to show their support," he said.

Of course, Satan is more popular than Bush right now. At any rate, the Dixie Chicks are really making a difference here (even if they only make one person evaluate their stance) and deserve to be commended.

Comendations to all you chicks!

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