Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ok, here is some old news, but I like to push it in their faces!

Rupert Murdoch, the born-again Christian who chairs media giant News Corporation, has been secretly building a stable of wholly-owned pornographic channels for his BSkyB subsidiary. The Business has learnt that BSkyB now owns and operates its own pornographic channels – the 18+ Movies selection – after years of hosting third-party content only.

Revealed: Murdoch’s growing adult television empire

Conservatives often like to describe themselves with vague terms like 'traditional values'. It is no secret that they are all about protecting the sanctity of marriage from the onslaught of rampaging same sex marriages. Right? And what do they watch on TV? Fox News. I think that we can all agree here that Fox News is a conservative news show, and that Rupert Murdock is a conservative demogogue who plays off the beliefs and fears of his conservative base to bolster his cable news station.

Now, how does this base feel about the other side of Murdock, the side that profiteers from pornography? How does this fit into 'family values'? I would venture a guess that more marriages end due to pornography than to gayness. How do conservatives recitfy what they say with what they do? Let's be clear on this too: BskyB, ownwed by Murdock, is not just a neutral carrier, but NOW MAKE PORNOGRAPHY!

Is it OK to talk one talk and walk another walk? Is the conservative crede that business is as business does? It's okay to be a hipocrit? Or, are these your traditional values?

I am just waiting for them to release a Bill Oreilly, Neal Cavuto and Sean Hanity on Colmes gangbang.

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Wacko Lib said...

Poor Colmes...he is already Hannity's bitch.