Monday, July 17, 2006

American Science Left By the Wayside

The senate is expected to pass a bill to relax funding for stem cell research and Bush is expected to veto. Most major breakthroughs in medical science in the next 100 years will come from stem cell research, but these will happen in other countries.

A vest majority of American's support the measures but this will be Bush's first veto in 6 years. The current system is just too restrictive and will cause America to fall behind in medical research, according to Republican Bill Frist:

"I feel that the limit on cell lines available for federally funded research is too restrictive," Frist said on the Senate floor Monday.

Of course, there are those who say that the senate is setting Bush up for failure. He doesn't need any help, there are no valid arguments against these measures.

Oh, and good work to the republicans who support this, though it probably wont stand up to a veto. I am extremely interested to see how Conrad Burns votes.


Wacko Lib said...

Yesterday as I drove home from work, I got behind a huge SUV with a "W" sticker on the bumper.
The driver was not only all over the road, but was going about 45mph in a 65mph zone.
I couldn't pass due to traffic on the other side, and cars were piling up behind. The driver of the W-mobile was oblivious to the fact that we were trying to make progress. Why not get out of the way? Speed up?

It is a perfect metaphor for this administration.

Get out of the way!

Shane C. Mason said...


Burns vote against these measures. They were passed and Bush vetoed them.


They just wont get out of the way of progress. Eventually, we have to pull up along side and make a right swerve. Get 'em the hell off the road.

Anonymous said...
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