Friday, July 14, 2006

Asarco to Leave Arsenic Laden Smokestacks

From the Helena Independent Record

Aldrich added that he doesn’t believe any of the trademark smokestacks will be dismantled, and some buildings will remain standing on the site.

Trademark smokestacks? He is talking about those huge black pipes that stick up out of the middle of our beautiful valley. It's a known fact that we don't have enough trademarks around Helena; only the sleeping giant, the Scratch Gravel Mountains, capitol building and the firetower. Now we get to keep those wonderful towers!

It really is the good life! I am one of the lucky ones as I can see them from my own back yard. It is really a relief to learn that I wont be deprived of looking out over the serene valley at night with the faint sound of hay sprinklers in the distance and seeing the moonlight glinting off of the those 'trademark stacks'.

Let's look at the other 'trademark' icons that Asarco has left for us:

-A ruined Prickly Paer Creek
-Arsenic Clouds travelling through the ground
-Tons of zinc oxide, lead and arsenic
-Children in East Helena with extremely high levels of lead contamination

They knew about all of this since the 1950's yet continued on until after 2000. This is the PERFECT example of why we need a strong EPA to look out for us. We can not rely on corporations to take care of us, there are too many examples like this. Get the whole story here. You really should read it, it is rather amazing.

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