Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An issue of Decency

Montanan's are decent folk by and large. Let's make an issue of decency. I think that it should be Jon Tester and Monica Lindeen's platform in the coming race. I feel it is the single issue that almost all Montanan's can get behind right now: what is happening in Washington is not decent.

Let's talk about Denny Rehberg first. Here is a man who flips off a pregnant lady at a fundraiser. It was reported, but not verified that he toured Kazakhstan drunk, fell off a horse and made fun of the locals. Seems Mr Rehberg has a lot of problems with alcohol, like when his state director punched a detractor in Missoula. Is this how decent people act?

Pundits can claim "There is no hard evidence linking Burns to Abramoff, but the people of Montana are not stupid. They know that if it looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk, well, it must be a skunk. How much more clear can this be? From the Helena Independent Record:

HELENA — Jack Abramoff got “every appropriation we wanted” from Sen. Conrad Burns’ committee, the fallen former lobbyist said in the April edition of Vanity Fair magazine.

“Our staffs were as close as they could be,” Abramoff said of the relationship between his and Burns’ office. “They practically used (Abramoff’s restaurant) Signatures as their cafeteria.”

Said Abramoff: “It’s a little difficult for him to run from that record.”

I say Rehberg and Burns have a lot of running to do. I say "Get going boys!"


Wacko Lib said...

It seems to me that decency has become an issue in this race. Look at how Conrad's miserable attempt to attack Jon Tester backfired.

Because it wasn't decent. It was A LIE.

Shane C. Mason said...

Your damn straight, Tester just needs to keep pounding it home. I have a T-shirt from the Pearl Jam concert/ Tester fundraiser in Missoula, the fron reads:

Montana Farmer

That's the sort of message that will continue to energize Montanan's. Remind them that Tester is a decent, honest and hardworking person, just like them.