Monday, July 31, 2006

Which Dog is the Wrong Dog?

What's with the dog anyway? After I put the graphic up to the left, the question of which was the 'wrong' dog has come up several times. A common answer has been 'The wrong dog is the little one. He is brave enough to stand up against the big dog and speak his mind.' Good answer, but it isn't quiet right. Here is how I see it:

The little dog has some mac. Whenever the other (bigger) dogs are around, he tries to take immediate control. He is always in their snapping at their heals trying to control all the action. Then you wind up with a scene we have all laughed at, the little annoying dog is leading the pack! He is not leading because he has won their respect or shown his medal; he is leading because he has yapped and nipped the bigger dog's into submission. They are not really sure what to make of this little annoying booger running all around their toes and nipping at them. Of course, they can't nip back because they are being carefully watched and are a bit more respectful than little yappy dog. Taken off guard, the big dogs watch and see if there is any bite, or if it is all so much empty bark.

Now, the little yappy dog comes up on one of the big dogs, snarling a growling like always but this time the big dog doesn't move aside or step back. It looks like the little bossy yappy dog has met the wrong dog. The big dog holds his ground and says 'bring it little man'. Of course, little yappy has nothing to bring. All he had was so much posturing and snipping in the first place. The big dog stares him down, while the little dog slinks over to the corner to sulk. All that time he spent controlling the big dogs with endless yap and bother until one day he messed with the wrong dog.

Welcome to the Wrong Dog's Life Chest. I am Shane C. Mason from Helena Montana. I am a 33 year old man with a wife and two kids. I am sick and tired of little brains controlling this country through fear and hatred and I am just not going to take it lying down anymore. I am not the wrong dog all by myself, there are many of us here is Montana. Follow the links to the left and you'll find others.


Wulfgar said...

Well said. I have a 130# sledhead that, though it tore me up inside, I had to punch in the face to get her to accept that I am the lead dog. Every day, she tests me to see if I am still that strong. I love that dog to tears, and she does me as well ... as long as remain that strong. Those are dog rules.

The R's don't know dog rules, or much of any that I can countenance. But eventually, they have got to become as smart as my dog. Then, I'll quit smacking them in the face.

So, do you want to do Craig's blogger get together in Helena?

Shane C. Mason said...

Yeah, I'ld like that very much. When where?

granny said...

Nice story. You guys go have a fun time this weekend.

Is that mtpolitics Craig?