Monday, August 14, 2006

Burns Can't Get Anything Right

We all know about the Burns firfighter debacle. Well, when a local paper in their home state wanted to get a quote from Burns on the issue (a real apology?) they were greeted by a staffer cursing like a drunken sailor. According to the Roll Call

"The young man (very young, we surmise) who answered the phone responded
with language that would make a sailor, maybe even Burns himself,
blush," the paper wrote last week. (The Daily Press knows its sailors.
Its home region has one of the nation's largest concentrations of naval
facilities.) The editorial continued, "Imagine a 'South Park' tirade in
full force, laced with assorted colorful obscenities, and you get the

This is insane. Does this man and his staff really represent Montana? Is this how professional you expect your senator to be? These are not my values and not what I want representing me.

Burns is neither decent nor honorable.

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