Monday, August 14, 2006

Burns Supports Cheap Cigarettes

I couldn't pass this one up. In defense of his TV add Stand, Conrad Burns make the statement:

The Democrats work to raise taxes...

How does he defend this statement? By citing cases where Democrats would raise taxes on medication,wheelchair'ss, school lunches and baby vaccinations? Nope. He uses this:

"A Plan To Raise Cigarette Tax On The Table " Missoulian, December 18, 2002

What? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first. Burn's criticizinging the Democrats because the wanted to raise taxes on cigarettes so that unisured smokers can pay for their own damn lung cancer, or maybe just quit smoking.

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granny said...

That reminds me of this post that it took forever to find:

If states "raise the tax on cigarettes," it widens the difference between the wholesale and retail prices and "inadvertently creates opportunity for traffickers, who evade the tax and gain the profits," said ATF agent William Billingslea in a lengthy article last month for Police Chief magazine, published by the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Washington.

Federal officials said they are not taking stands against specific bills in states, however.