Monday, August 21, 2006

Tester's Birthday With the Bloggers

Yesterday was Jon Testers 50th birthday and I got to spend it with many of the states best bloggers in Missoula. I have to tell you, this was really a great group of people. In total 90 people showed up to spend the occasion with fellow supporters. Some were journalist, some were bloggers, some were blogging fans and commenters and many more were just good ole Tester supporters. It was a wonderful event with great people. Since the blogosphere can seem like such an impersonal place, I have decided to post pictures of the bloggers so my readers can get a better feel for who we are.

Jay Stevens from 4 & 20 Blackbirds was present along with his wife and two twin delights. I knew that Jay writes eloquently and was not a bit surprised to find that he is just as impressive in person. He is well spoken, polite and thoughtful. Jay is a credit to the Montana blogosphere and it was a true pleasure to meet him.

Scott Leslie from Wacko Lib drove over from Bozeman. As he is one of the most important bloggers in the state, I was very excited that he was able to make it over. He is direct and to the point, altogether likeable. It was Scott that actually got me into blogging. I found a link on some newspaper blog to WRiM where I found pure insanity. Scott was the only voice of reason I found there and I tracked him over to his blog which was new at the time. Great blogger, great guy, plus he is an aging punk rocker like myself.

Matt Singer of course can be found over at Left in the West. Vinnie was on hand too. These guys sponsored the event, so thanks! They run a good show over there and it is well worth a daily visit. Both these guys are really nice and on the ball. Check them out. Note that the new project Forward Montana seems to be really working out. I wish them all the success in the world.

Wulfgar from A Chicken is not Pillage was there from Bozeman along with his brother Moorecat from Pragmatic Revolt. They were both personable and down to earth. I have a great deal of respect for Wulfgar and so it was a pleasure to meet him. I am not posting their pictures due to various threats by creepy John Sinrud.

Of course, I must thank our hosts, Mr X and Mrs Y, for opening their lovely homes to us. It was an altogether pleasant event with an air of openness. A bunch of folks who came to speak their mind and show their support without shame or fear.


NeoMadison said...

Is the back of the head thing supposed to be a part of the little "full disclosure" inside joke y'all had going on? I don't get it.

Colby N. said...

Hopefully, we will get some play on this idea. I thought you might enjoy it Shane.

Anonymous said...

"A bunch of folks who came to speak their mind and show their support without shame or fear."

Sounds perhaps like an AA or trannie get together ;-~

Shane C. Mason said...

Neo, something like that.

The rest of you should hek out colby's link above.

granny said...

Very cute.

Wacko Lib said...

You are entirely too kind.

It was great to meet everyone in person.

Let's do it again soon.

"Aging punk rocker"?

Jay Stevens said...

Nice pics! Man...I've got spiral problem with my hair. Looks like all those grade school swirlies have taken their toll.

Craig said...

Singer's melon looks about 8 ax handles wide.