Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tired of the Anti-Semitic claims

I have been fairly silent on the Israel-Lebanon issue for my own reasons. I have been silent on the Lieberman issue for the same reasons. What are those reasons? It's not my fight and there are plenty of capable folk working on those issues and I would have no impact. I thought I just might keep to the issues that I might be able to influence. Remember the serenity prayer?

However, something that bugs me is this notion that you can not say anything about Israel without being called an anti-semitic. When did it become an act against god's chosen people to vote against a jewish candidate? Take this quote over at What's Rotten In Montana in response to the ousting of Lieberman:

The Democrats are virulently anti-Semitic. American Jews will finally realize this now. Lamont might have won a few hundred thousand votes in Connecticut, but the Democratic Party lost a few million.

Now, that's certainly not the first such post. Check out the big freeper. Seriously, is everyone who voted for Bush anti-catholic? This is a little silly and needs to stop.

Mike, who is pretty strongly pro Israel has this to say at The Last Best Place.

* Democrats, led by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (NV) , House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA), Senate Democratic Whip Richard Durbin (IL) , and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (MD) immediately express their full support for Israel and call on Hezbollah to return the soldiers and end terrorist attacks on Israel.
* Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi signs off on an Israel solidarity resolution and calls on House Republican Leadership to pass the resolution before adjourning for the week.

* Republicans reject Democrat's request and adjourn the House of Representatives until July 17 without considering the resolution.

* Democratic support for Israel is overwhelming.

Makes a strong point? Again, I have my own opinions about what is happening in the middle east, and they have nothing to do with me being pro or anti semitic. It has nothing to do with anyones religeon. People should have the right to view what is happening in the middle east and judge it without their opinion being turned into a referendum on semitism. The same should be said about the voters of Connecticut. They ought to be able to choose their leaders without it being a referendum on their views of that candidate's religeon.

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Wacko Lib said...

As you know Shane, Repubs are unable to seperate religion from government.

Could it be that Religion and Government are nothing more than a source of (perceived) power to the republican party?

They use religion as a wedge, when the true purpose of faith should be unity, peace, and guidance in both bad times and good times.

It is clear to me that the commenter over at WRiM who calls Dems anti-semitic is the same jackass who makes anti-semitic posts himself. You know the guy, always using names like kan-66 or mt-59 or hogleg. He has conversations with himself, and Eric thinks he has hundreds of readers.