Saturday, September 23, 2006

I've Come Back!

I've Come Back! After 7 days at Disney World in sunny Orlando Florida, I have come back. If you know me well, you would think that I will have a long rant about the evil Disney (ABC) corporation and their exploitation of x, y and z, yada yada. Know what the truth is though? I very much enjoyed my families 3rd trip to Disney World. That place is an abosolute model of efficiency. Of course there wa a feeling of being herded around like cattle, but the enertainment and food was good. Now, enjoy the picture and we'll move on...


Craig said...

Welcome back!

Wacko Lib said...

I was starting to think you had been classfied as an enemy combatant.

Welcome back!

(It really is the happiest place on earth, isn't it?)

Jay Stevens said...

Why's that guy right behind you grabbing his crotch?

buck said...

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Shane C. Mason said...

Why's that guy right behind you grabbing his crotch?

Jay, It is the happiest place on earth!

k1tchenwitch said...

Hi Shane ~ been enjoying your blog for a while & was able to visit with your wife for a bit today at Central. Could you pass my email address along to her ( and tell her to drop me a line sometime so we can continue our conversation? If it's not too weird.
Which it might be.

Shane C. Mason said...

k1tchen (great name btw)

Not too weird at all. She very much enjoyed the conversation and wants to meet for coffee or such. Said she'll drop you an email.