Monday, November 06, 2006

The worms are dug

Now its time to fish. Stop reading blogs now and get out there and vote silly monkey!

Then get 5 people who would not have voted and get them down to the polls or the courthouse.

Everyone has worked really hard on this. We have hoped and dreamed and now it is happening. I personally want to thank each person who has worked on the campaigns. I want to thank all of the volunteers. I want to thank Monica and Jon for giving us candidates that we can really get behind. All of you are real patriots and it has been awesome to see you in action.


Troutburst said...

I'm so glad the big day is finally here. Of course, I'm sure we'll all be giant stress balls until the results come in. I think if Tester doesn't win it's time to move to Canada.

Wulfgar said...

I got 5 people who wouldn't (or wouldn't have been able to because of timing conflicts) to vote before today. Do I win?

Shane C. Mason said...

Your damn straight you win! We are all going to win. Even those who voted for Conrad will win with Tester as their new senator!