Monday, December 25, 2006

My 100th Post

Ahh, a nice Christmas glow from a wonderful day and a particularily smooth sipping whisky has prompted me to close it all out with the 100th post at the WrongDog's Lifechest. I can male this post about anything I want, so I m going to do my best rockstar thanking the little people.

First off, I want to thanks everyone that visits this site. 100 posts here, but my most prolific works this year was at Left In The West. You can find most of my posts at that old Left in the West site. I'll take this opportunity to thank Matt Singer for the awesome work that he has done for this state. He rocks.

Also, I have posted a bunch over at my sister site Montana Netroots. This has really been a labor of love has been very rewarding. If I could have one wish for that site it would be that
1. I wish more right leaners would post there. I gave them an open megaphone to do so. As I promised, the dialog has been open and honest. I invite them again to take a bigger role.
2. I wish that more left leaners would post there. I gave them an open megaphone to do so. The conversation is good and there are over 300 unique viewers daily. That's not bad exposure.
3. I wish everyone knew how happy and excited that I am that they take part in Montana Netroots. That is a lot of talent for one blog, and in a short month, we have a lot of good posts.

Next item: Wulfgar is doing the Montana weblog awards again this year, in case you didn't know. Wrongdog got one nomination for the best post, but it is pretty damn political and divisive and preicatble at best, so I do not expect a win (its called Do Religious Leaders On The Right Have a Political Agenda?) Go vote. Also, Montana Netroots was nominated for several positions but should not really win because it is so new that it is hard to imagine that it deserves to win them. I want to thank the people who nominated my post and Montana Netroots. I appreciate it.

Want to know what else I appreciate? Jay Stevens. He does good work folks. On the post to which I linked, I think of it just like Adams reporting on us Montana political bloggers in this story, I don't mind being the 'Serial blogger'. Jay says:

One blogger in particular, I think, was shorted on the ballot, and that was Shane Mason. The reason for that is pretty obvious: heÂ’s everywhere, including on his own site, Wrong DogÂ’s Life Chest, and as a contributor on Left in the West and Montana Netroots.

But I think that there are a few others who were shorted and I want to take a moment to intoduce you to a few of my favorite blogs:

Peace of My Mind: Leesa could have been in most categories. "Blog that best represents Montana Lifestlye", "Most Creative Montana Blog", best written and best photography. I love this blog.

Piece Of My Mind. Mark is very good for us, particularily me. I is good to have someone that I agree with so deeply challenge my bullcrap. If you read me, you know that I do it. I plead to the emotions using cheap imagery a times. Thanks for keeping me honest Mark and Steve.

In All Her Infinite Wisdome. Just read her. You'll get it.

The Montana Misanthope, again, one of my favorites. TMM and I often disagree, but he is a good of a person as they come. I like the fact that he approaches subjects with what seems an open mind and a good heart.

Buzztail: I really look forward to meeting PJ someday. He has an outlook that I might have to see to believe is the real thing. We are all made better by him.

I have to stop, this could go on for a long time. Scott Leslie ( I appreciate the nomination for Best punk rocker turned respectable: Shane Mason. It is true though, I AM the best punk rocker turned respectable.) All the guys at Intelligent Discontent etc etc.

Thanks to the all of you. You are a community that I am happy to be a part of. I love the all of you.

OK, I am hitting publish without the spellcheck. Have fun with that.


pjfinn said...

Wow! 100 posts here on top of all the work you've done over the past several months on the other blogs! That may just re-define the word prolific. Good work Shane.

Thanks for the kind words -- I'll do my best to live up to them. I too hope that our trails cross in the near future.

Leesa said...

Thanks so much for the kind words!
I'll have to check out your fave's now :)

tmm said...

Congratulations, and thank you for the plug and the kindness. Though you may be harangued for claiming a conservative actually has a heart ;). Also, I just want to say that although 'Netroots' is new, I love the concept and the diversity of opinion you've rounded up, as well as the prolific posting that goes on there. You've accomplished what many have attempted and failed at doing. It deserves to win.

Digger said...

You go Shane!!!

Steve T. said...

Just ran across this: Thanks for the mention, Shane.