Friday, February 09, 2007

Hero Of The Tooth

Earlier this week my youngest daughter, five years old, was sitting at the computers playing a game when she suddenly started howling.

What's wrong sweety? What happened?

My tooth is sticking out and it really really bugs me when it is sticking out!

She opened her mouth, sure enough one of her top teeth was sticking out at a 45 degree angle to the others. Her mom and I tried to console her for the next two hours, but there was just know consolation to be had. Her mom suggested that she wiggled it until it came completely loose, but she wouldn't hear of it.

No! It hurts and it will just always be that way! My tooth will always be like this!

Sweety, I know it hurts and it will until it comes out. If you want, I'll pull it out for you.

No! That will hurt too.

Only for a second and then it will be all better.

No! I am scared. No!

OK, you just tell me when you are ready and I'll pull it right out.

For the next hour she sat on her Mom's lap, alternating between hysteria and muffled sobs. We both felt bad for her but didn't really know what to do. Then from out of no where

OK Daddy. I am ready for you to pull it now.

What a brave girl! You'll be glad.

I got some dental floss, tied a slip knot and yanked. Oh boy, she wasn't glad at first. She yelled and howled. Fortunately, I remember being a kid and my dad pulling my teeth by trying the string to the door and slamming the door. I remember howling. I also remember that it just takes a bit of warm water and it's all better. It worked 30 years ago and it worked last Tuesday. She looked up at me with a smile that melts a daddy's heart

Wow. You were right! It doesn't hurt at all anymore!

Cool! Are you going to put it under your pillow so the Tooth Fairy will bring you some money?

No way! The Tooth Fairy isn't taking my tooth! I love it!

Really? You aren't going to let the Tooth Fairy take you tooth?

No! She better not take my tooth!

With that, she was off to watch a little TV before bed. Her mom and I were laughing about the Tooth Fairy thing when we suddenly heard that familiar howl again. I went to the kitchen to get her a bit more hot water and went into her room. Instead of the in-pain-daughter I expected to see I got a I-did-something-bad daughter.

What's wrong sweetheart? What happened?

I was washing my tooth and it went down the drain! Now I don't have it! I loved my tooth!

Really? I can get it sweety.

How can you?

I know some tricks.

What if you can't?

Then you wont have a tooth.

I hope you can.

She followed me into the kitchen while I fetched a big bowl. She sat beside me while I unscrewed the trap on the sink. She watched as I poured the water into the bowl. Her eyes lit up when I plucked her special tooth out of the bowl. She patiently waited while I screwed the trap back onto the drain and then washed off the tooth ( holding it tightly ). She waited patiently while I got a zip-lock bag and put the tooth into it. Her eyes lit up again when I handed it to her

Thank you daddy! You are my hero!

Yeah. Its good to be a hero. That tooth has a treasured spot in her vanity, and I am a hero in her eyes. Its good to be a hero, even when it is an ordinary, everyday hero.


pjfinn said...

It's amazing how little it takes to shine in the eyes of a child isn't it? Enjoy it while you can -- if your kids are anything like mine it'll pass soon enough and you'll look less and less like a hero and more and more like an idiot.

Jay Stevens said...

Now I know who I'm calling when it's time to yank my kids' teeth from their heads.

I never had the stomach for that when I was a kid...

Montana Fem said...


I'm a Man said...

It's easy to be a "hero" in a family of all females.