Thursday, April 26, 2007

Messed Up Stuff Republicans Have Said This Week

This is an addendum to yesterdays post.

Don Larsen, District Chairman of the Utah County's Republican Party

Ever wonder why Pedro and Lopez are coming across the border? To take your job? Not exactly. According to Don Larson, it is all a part of

Satan's plan to destroy the U.S. by stealth invasion

What? Oh yeah. It was predicted in the scriptures after all.

There are ways to destroy a nation other than with bombs or bullets. The mostly quiet and unspectacular invasion of illegal immigrants does not focus the attention of the nation the way open warfare does but is all the more insidious for its stealth and innocuousness.

So, Don has introduced a resolution to acknowledge this is a part Satan's plan to destroy America. Have fun with that Don, have fun.


Anonymous said...

Hoo, boy - WOW. So I guess every immigrant is, to some extent, a minion of the Prince of Lies?

Nat said...

Hey Shane,

Speaking of Evil Republicans, not sure if you saw this nice bit from that completely whacked out character Thomas Sewell, but you should check it out

Here's the best part:

" When I see the worsening degeneracy in our politicians, our media, our educators, and our intelligentsia, I can’t help wondering if the day may yet come when the only thing that can save this country is a military coup."

Tip from it out if you've never been.

Jordan said...

What about your house nigger Obama saying 10,000 people died in Kansas?

Anonymous said...

If you are going to be "fair and balanced" as all good bloggers are, you should have quoted this statement that was stated in the same article: "I don't think you'd find very many Republicans to suggest that the devil is involved in the immigration issue," said Senate Majority Leader Curt Bramble, R-Provo, who is serving as convention chairman. "I don't think you'll find much support for that sentiment."