Thursday, June 22, 2006

What? Global Warming May be Real?

A recent report performed for the US congress shows that the Earth is hooter now than it has been for centuries. From this article at

“Our conclusion is that this recent period of warming is likely the warmest in a (millennium),’’ said John Wallace, one of the 12 members on the panel and professor of atmospheric science at the University of Washington.

But we can't trust scientist, can we? I mean, they only go by facts, trends, statistics, observable behaviors and such other rubbish. There's is no God in it, so it can't be good or right.

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Wacko Lib said...

Even though Thomas L. Friedman is considered by some to be one of the enablers of the war in Iraq , he has produced a documentary entitled "Addicted to oil" which will air on The Discovery Channel tonight at 10:00.

It will attempt to explain the connection between oil, war, and global warming. Looks interesting.