Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Montana GOP Supports Racist Blog

We all know about the GOP's attack on Tester for his links to the DailyKos. If not, read about them here or here.

Today my first Letter to the Editor was published in the Helenair. Here are the contents:

Blog attacks

The Montana GOP has made much of a link from Jon Tester’s web log, TesterTime, to Markos Zuniga’s web log, The DailyKos. Markos has questioned the war in Iraq and other issues that the Montana GOP disagrees with. To be sure, there have been comments on the DailyKos that Tester would likely disagree with, but a link does not mean acceptance of the entire contents.

I would caution the Montana GOP to rethink this attack strategy. In the official Montana GOP Ebrief of March 3, the state Republican party has encouraged their readers to view a weblog that often engages in racist discussions. Here is a quote taken from the weblog (

“In so far as art, literature, music, economics, government, science, technology and a few other areas of human endeavor are concerned, the Caucasian race is far superior to all other races. And that is not my ‘belief.’ That is a fact of history and everyday observation.”

Yet the Montana GOP has the audacity to attack Jon Tester for a link to a site with much less objectionable content?!

This is the type of hypocrisy that I’ve come to expect from the Republican Party.

Shane C. Mason

So, you can also read about it at What's White in Montana. The funny thing is that after all this time, Eric has yet to denounce the racist commenters there. I can only take this to mean that he supports them. By the fact that the Montana GOP encouraged their readers to visit this site can only mean that the GOP also supports these beliefs.


cece said...

Shane - I was just reading the letters over at the IR. Good job.

Mine will be in tomorrow's Tribune, I had to explain franking to the editor, who had never heard of it, and cut my 700 word rant down to 250, but the fact that we are getting the message to the dailies is wonderful. Keep up the great work.

lindabee in mt said...

Well done, Shane. Hope you are planning to diary this (or at least mention it in an open thread) at DailyKos.

Wacko Lib said...

Nicely done.

granny said...

The Gop Feartrotters must do everything humanly possible to disuade the masses from peeking at that which is not pre approved by our corporate masters.

Anonymous said...

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