Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tester Thanks Our Firefighters

In a move to try and counter some of the negativity created by the Burns/firefighter debacle with a positive voice, the Tester campaign is collecting a petition to thank the firefighters for the hard work they do. I think that it is an important message and ask that we all join Tester in giving our thanks. Here is the text of the email message sent out this morning.


The brave firefighters who battle Montana's wildfires have been in the news lately.

Here at Montanans for Tester, we appreciate the hard work that our firefighters do to protect our communities, ranches, farms and public lands. Fighting wildland fires is a physically demanding and dangerous job -- and we believe that our firefighters deserve our thanks.

Please take a moment to join other Montanans who are saying "thank you" to our firefighters by clicking on this link:

We need to send the right message to the hardworking men and women who risk their lives every summer to protect Montana's residents and private and public lands.

It takes just a moment to tell our firefighters that they are always welcome in Montana -- and that Montanans will always appreciate their hard work.


Stephanie Schriock

You can read the entries in the petition, som are quiet moving. There are 177 'signatures' as I post this.

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