Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WTF Is A Gravy Boat With Biscuit Wheels?

Watching our junior senator lately, I have begun to wonder if the stress and years have finally gotten to him. There is a whole string of evidence pointing in that direction. Let's look at a string of evidence.

1. Last week Burns verbally attacks and curses a group of wildland firefighters in the Billings Airport.
2. He later issues an apology where he forgets to actually apologize.
3. During a conference call with Montana media he has a Washington lackey answer questions about Montana fires.
4. After the conference call he forgets that the camera is still running and pretty much admits to trying to squelch the media inquiry when he says "That's the way to shut that down".
5. In order to show he really does care about firefighters, he lists a group of bills he co sponsored that were meant to help firefighters. NOT A SINGLE ONE PASSED, most never made it out of committee.

So that was a pretty strange sequence of events, but it gets better! Tonight I am watching the TV and see that there is a Burns commercial on. "Hmm" says I, "What's all this now?" (Note: that only makes sense in a really bad cockney accent). I heard something about taxes and Tester, then I see an image of a cartoon Tester looking like a carnival scene. There is a railroad track going into his mouth. Along this track runs a train of gravy boats that have biscuits fwheelsles. Now you'll have to excuse me, I was a bit taken aback so I might not have heard the announcer right, but it was something like:

"Jon Tester thinks your tax dollars are a gravy train with biscuits for wheels"

Wow. A gravy train with biscuit wheels? How long has this been going on? My wife just watched the commercial like she had just seen a pink elephant step out of the closet and then said "I sure am glad that Burn's publicist is a democrat." I myself had to confirm that she had just seen the same thing that I saw.

If this isn't a sign that he has gone off the deep end, I don't know what would be. Welcome to crazy world Conrad, where all the trains are filled with gravy, all the wheels made of bicuits, where all the conservatives are fiscally responsible and you will be reelected. Crazy world.


keith said...

LOL. yeah he's nuts.

granny said...

That is the Republican Senatorial committee's commercial. Even they can't find anything good to say about the man, but the Chamber of Commerce is running commercials on his behalf.

Shane C. Mason said...

Ok, I was wondering who did that. Isn't that the same group that produced the anti-gay commercials for him, even though their spokesman is gay? Senate republicans are in serious trouble if this is all they have... Yipee!

granny said...

They got nothing but lies and conocted slime.