Thursday, September 07, 2006

Burns Education Priorities Are Messed Up

The IR published an article yesterday on Tester visiting college campuses around the state. It covered Tester's thoughts on how horrible Burn's support for education has been. He sited one point in particular:

Oppose a $200-per-student increase in Pell grants to help needy Montanans attend college. This vote, taken in October 2005, would have increased the maximum federal Pell grants by $200 to $4,250.

Of course, there was an obligatory 'comeback' statement:

In response, Klindt said Burns opposed a "budget-busting" amendment by Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., which would have raised the cost of Pell grants from $8.8 billion in 2001 to $13 billion a year.

This was budget-busting? Really? The current cost of the Iraq war is over $312,958,000,000 and counting and we can't afford $4.2 billion (over the span of many years) to help educate the 'less than rich'?. Seriously. Where are your priorities Burns?

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