Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Horrible letters To The Editor

While this weekend had some good letters to the editor in the Helena IR, today was a horrible day for the sane. On Saturday, 8 of 10 were pro Tester, but today has 3 letters with some serious logical problems and I wanted to take this time to point out the problems with them.

Backs Burns

I support Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., mainly because of the seniority and positions Conrad has in the senate. He has brought prestige to the state, and we cannot afford to start all over establishing seniority. When I have had questions about issues, I have always received a reply from him, and it make not have been what I wanted to here. But I did receive a reply, and that means a lot.

Conrad is deeply concerned and interested in the people of Montana.

Conrad heard well deserved complaints from ranchers and other concerned citizens that were very upset with forest fighting the policies. After hearing from so many who feel the agencies are out of control, Conrad unfortunately took out those complaints on crews and not their agencies. He admitted later he was wrong for involving the firefighters. That takes a lot guts for a powerful man to do. I have been a wildland firefighter 1960 to 2003.

I have also voted for Max Baucus, Denny Rehberg, Brian Schweitzer, Marc Racicot and Anita Varone. I support the person not the party.

I just want to say, I support Conrad Burns and ask the rest of Montana recognize what a good person we have representing Montana.

Jay Verdi
P.O. Box 787

Jay claims that Conrad's seniority is the main reason to support him. Under this logic, the senate would be a lifelong post because no matter how the senator behaves because pork is the most important thing we have going for us. I have found this behavior typical from borrow-and-spend republicans and it just not a valid argument. About the firefighters, I would also argue that it was a terrible embarrassment for Conrad to behave that way in the first place. An apology (which he never really gave) doesn't make it all better. As I tell my daughters "Sorry isn't good enough, you are old enough to know better in the first place". That is just one of the many gaffes that Burns has made, between the racist and bigoted comments, sleeping with Abramoff and campaigning with Davison it is just too much.

Burns has delivered

I fully concur with the opinion of Lloyd D. Teigen (Aug. 28) regarding Conrad Burns seniority as a senator and what Sen. Burns has delivered for Montanans.

If Jon Tester were elected, all he would be able to deliver for Montana is an empty plate.

Worse yet, if the Senate majority swung to the Democratic left with a Tester win, Montanans (along with the rest of our nation) would be subject to legislative efforts from the likes of Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Russ Feingold, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry.

A party that is concerned with horse meat legislation, but could care less about the estimated 30 million aborted babies in America since Roe vs. Wade does NOT represent me.

A party that would criminalize lawful gun owners by banning various firearms does NOT represent me.

I am American by birth, Montanan by choice and urge everyone to re-elect Sen. Conrad Burns.

Mark E. Colton
550 Tubbie Road

Mark makes 3 points here. 1.) Pork borrowed on the back of a spiraling debts that our children will have to repay is good for Montana. 2.) Senators from other states are wicked 3.) Abortions are important issue. 4.)Someone wants to take his guns, he's not sure who it is, but someone does.
To be sure Mark, Tester is not against gun rights but you have bought the republican talking points hook line and sinker. And on Burns, what is it he has delivered? He is an embarrassment to our state. At what cost does this pork come? At what cost does your fear of the mythical liberal come?

Where are Tester's friends

Where are Jon Testers friends?! Montana has been visited by John Warner, Bill Frist, Elizabeth Dole, Dick Cheney and Laura Bush, all on behalf of Senator Conrad Burns.

So where are Jon Testers friends? When can Montana expect visits from Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore or Ned Lamont? If they can't make it to Montana, maybe Michael Moore or Cindy Sheehan will stop by. After all, they do need Jon's vote in the Senate for their liberal goals.

Jerry Johnson
1426 Brad

OK, this one is like shooting fish in a barrel. At what point did we begin relying on out of state folks to tell us who we should vote for? Can I not make up my own mind, or does Laura Bush have to tell me? It was during her visit that Burns made national headlines with the killer taxi cab driver/terrorist statement, embarrassing us once again. Will Cheney shoot me in the face? Bill Frist's family are the ones who stole millions in Medicare and health care fraud and may well be the very reason that health care cost are through the roof. This is the type of people you want? The only reason they came here in the first place is because they are so afraid that the republican yes-man from Montana is headed out the door.

If Tester did bring anyone in, you have already made it clear that they would be bad, so why bother? Why not let the man campaign on the issues tat are important to Montana? Montana politicians have already stuck up for him, Schweitzer, Baucus, Morrison and Lindeen to name a few.

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