Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Just Spent 4 Hours Doing The Dumbest Thing Ever

OK, sorry about this PJ and TMM, but I am not yet ready to start speaking English yet. The Kernel compile I undertook the other night went fine, but I was still having problems with my NVidia drivers in that they crashed any time it tried to use the openGL extensions. OK, this means I couldn't play Unreal Tournament. That is not acceptable. Google Earth would crash it too. So, I tried updating and recompiling the NVidia kernel drivers, of course. That didn't work. Bumber.

Since I am using the Ubuntu 'Dapper Drake' release and the 'Edgy Eft' release has been out since mid October, I thought I would try a whole Dist Upgrade. Well, the regular apt-get method did not work, so I decided to do a parallel install and see how it worked out. I downloaded the ISO and burned it, booted into the live-cd and tried the graphical installer. It worked fine, seemingly. But when I tried to reboot I found that grub had the device ordering all screwed up because of my SATA raid. OK, so I installed again with the IDE drives unplugged this time. Score.

I reattach the IDE's and change the drive ordering and Grub boots fine. I login and the first thing I notice is how very unimpressed I am. It looks just like the old release. Anyway, I mount my old home partition in the new /home slot. I relogin in and it looks just like my old home. Cool. I do an update on the packages and notice that their is a new kernel image. OK. Then I note the version on the kernel and note that it is the same as the one I had just replaced on the old release. What?

I check the name on the ISO that I just installed from. KUbuntu 6.06, but I happen to know that Edgy Eft is 6.10 and Dapper Drake is 6.06. I have just spent the last 4 hours upgrading to the version that I already had.

Nice eh? So, I rebooted into the old system and that is where I sit now. Not playing Unreal Tournament and not looking at the workd through Google Earth.

Yay. I'll try again tomorrow.


pjfinn said...

I guess you have to expect these kinds of misunderstandings accasionally when you're dealing with alien life-forms don't you?

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Speedkill said...

It seems like a lot of people had problems upgrading to Edgy. It's really not that impressive, actually. I've failed to notice many improvements.

Now, I'm going to go try KDE.

Anonymous said...

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