Tuesday, January 02, 2007

An Explanation

The other night I was reflecting on one of the most glorious events from my youth in very cryptic terms. The lone commenter to that post took the time to try and decypher it and so I want to take the time to try to explain it.

Thanks to the beauty of YouTube, I found the perfect audio visual aid. This live James concert is from the same year. Watching it made me shiver, remembering when I saw them. It was on top of Mount Hood as the closing act for a music fest. MC 900 Foot Jesus, House of Pain and the Violent Femmes were there. Late in the day it started raining and got really really cold. Most people came to see the Violent Femmes (including me) and after they played 95% of the crowed left. The difference between this video and the show I saw was that there were on about 300 people left in the giant ampitheater on Mount Hood on a rainy night. The band and the audience still put 110% into it. It was very intimate and very powerful and has since become a part of me. If you have the patience, watch the whole thing.

When I watched this video, it all came back to me. Then I read this in the comments:
Thanks for posting this vid. My brother was in the audience, this is James' high point, I remember James vividly - the flowers, the mad dance, the songs - magic! Man I wish I was 16 again!
Watch the kids in this video. Realize that what one is experiencing, they are all experiencing. In so many ways they are one.

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