Saturday, October 27, 2007

In The Doghouse Now

I told you earlier about our new dog. Shortly after we got her we realized that while it was a pleasure to have her inside, we would all be happier if she spent most of her time outside. In September the girls and I started to work on a house for her.

We built the box out of some scrap plywood that was here when we got the place and some 2x3's from the lumber store. We built the box one weekend and painted it a barn red (also a gift from the former owners).

I cut the trim out of the 2x3's, those corner and gutter pieces are solid l-shaped. We painted the trim before we put it on. This is one of the first project where the girls were really able to help. Z screwed most of it together and painted a big portion of the box.

Macy really seems to like it. Just like everything else, it is delicious! I put an 'under-cabinet' halogen light that gives just enough heat to take the edge off those cold nights. She still gets to spend most evenings inside with us, but doesn't seem to mind heading out for the night.

One of the best things about this, besides the fun of building it with the girls, was that it was fairly efficient. Since most of the wood and paint was left-overs and reused, the total cost is around $30, counting the light. Not too bad when I saw a smaller, not as nice, one at Murdocks for $150.


TMM said...

Hey, cool! I myself am in the midst of YAP (Yet Another Project) as well. Say, the way housing prices look down there, I may have to contract out with you for a similar place for me and mine. My wife may want a full door on the place though.

Rocky Smith said...

$30 invested and possible to sell for $150? Maybe you should build a couple more...