Monday, June 05, 2006

Bad News on The Doorstep

My wife pointed something out to me: "Today is a horrible news day for those of us who love freedom". Here are some sample headlines to show what she meant.

Gay Marriage Would Undermine Family Structure Bush Says

Justices to Rule on Race and Education

National Guard Set to Work on Border

Evidence shows massacre of Iraq's innocent

Islamic Militia Seizes Somalia's Capital

(Note: these guys are linked to al-Qaida, so we have accomplished NOTHING in Afganistan, they are stronger than ever. Who would have predicted that with all that swell work we've done in Iraq.)

Bernanke sees economy slowing

(What inflation? Could it be because of gas prices? No!)

Oil Prices Rise on Iran Leader's Threat
(Oh, another sitution handled terribly by our completly inept adminstration?)

Seriously. What the hell is going on here? Remember how good the headlines used to be when Clinton was President? Stocks up! Economy Growing! Steps toward peace in the Middle-East. I hope those days aren't over forever, for my children's sake. I am afraid that this administration has done so much damage that it might take longer than my lifetime to fix it all.


Wacko Lib said...

Our country is in terrible danger.

Nice work putting Bush in office a second time, republicans.

We are going to pay dearly for your lack of vision.

Wacko Lib said...

Good work Dems.

I see some hope for our country after all...