Saturday, June 03, 2006

Give me Pearl Jam and Dixie Chicks, Ditch the Jewel.

How could someone so sweet do something so... evil? USA Today reports here that Jewel made an appearance for Burns in Livingston. It seems that she is dating a rodeo star named Ty Murray. Bumber, I kind of liked her.

But there are some good points in the article.

Burns' grip on the Senate seat he has held for three terms seems as precarious as a cowboy's spot atop one of the rank broncs at the annual Bucking Horse rodeo, a campaign stop for candidates facing the June 6 primary.

"Burns is about as vulnerable as incumbents get," said Jennifer Duffy, who handicaps Senate races for the non-partisan Cook Political Report.

A note on Morrison too:

Still, the majority — 66% — of registered voters polled by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research for Lee Newspapers said Morrison's affair would not affect their vote. Forty-eight percent said the Abramoff issue would make them less likely to vote for Burns.

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